6 Myths About Mentally Strong People

We all find ourselves in a situation where we would think of a person solving life problems as being a strong-minded person. It has not happened to you when you encounter an obstacle or a difficult life situation – you will endure it all, you are a mentally strong and stable person.

Is it true or is it about myths that continue to persist regardless of the weather? Are we not alone in deluding ourselves when we think of mentally strong individuals?


  • A mentally strong person is born strong

None of us at the moment of birth possessed strong mental strength. Mental skills are built up through cognitive, emotional and mental forces. We all have the ability to work for ourselves, learn from our mistakes, give up bad habits, learn new skills, grow in mental capacity and capacity day by day.

  • Mentally strong individuals are emotionally cold individuals

One of the misconceptions we face is seeing a mentally strong person as individuals who show no emotion. Mentally strong people experience emotions just like the others, but what’s the difference?

These are people who are aware at all times that they can influence emotions. They know that negative emotions can affect their thoughts and behavior. They are ready to control their emotional state, to act against their current feelings, which enables them to cope with different situations on a business and private plane. They are masters of their emotions.

  • Mentally strong individuals are aggressive

Mentally powerful people have no need to control others or, at worst, be aggressive towards others. They accept personal responsibility for their actions and the actions of others without wasting energy to manipulate others from their environment.

  • Mentally strong people have never had any serious problems

Sometimes we think that mentally strong individuals just because they are strong do not have problems related to everyday life. One of the misconceptions is that they are mentally strong and, as such, solve life’s problems much easier. Not so many mentally powerful individuals have experienced incredible life difficulties, ranging from problems in the family environment to financial wrecks. Instead of despair, they chose to learn from a bad, difficult experience that ultimately helped them build mental strength.

  • Mentally strong people do not seek help

A mentally strong person does not hesitate to admit to his best friends that he does not see a way out of a life problem in certain situations. They are willing to ask for help from close friends who have more experience or knowledge. In some situations, if necessary, they will seek assistance without delay – the advice of a mental health professional if they deem it inevitable.

  • Mentally strong people have no mental disabilities

Mental health and mental strength are separate concepts. Experience tells us that some of the most powerful people in the world have overcome mental health problems thanks to mental strength. People with anxiety and depression can overcome their mental health difficulties very successfully thanks to the mental strength they possess.

For the end

Just as we can shape our muscles with persistent and regular exercise, so can our mental strength. By regulating thoughts, managing our emotions and behavior, we encourage the development of mental forces in daily life. The key to success in everyday life lies not in the material goods, the status characteristics of modern times, it lies in the mental strengths of those individuals who cope with the challenges of modern times.

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