An effective remedy for dog fleas

Today we present to you various effective agents against dog fleas that are very easy to use.

Dog fleas are an annoying plague, not only for the velvet noses themselves but also for their owners. The fleas can also be transmitted to humans, so it is very important to act as soon as possible.

Today we present to you various effective agents against dog fleas that are very easy to use.

The best remedy for dog fleas

There are many products on the market to eliminate fleas. However, we recommend today various home remedies that are also very effective. You almost always have most of them at home, and you can avoid unnecessary chemicals and protect your health and the environment.

Vinegar against dog fleas

Vinegar is very versatile, also against fleas this natural remedy is very useful.

It’s best to use apple cider vinegar. Bath your dog as usual and finally use a cup of vinegar as a conditioner. Make sure that the vinegar does not get into your dog’s mouth or mouth!

Let the vinegar work for 5 minutes to kill as many fleas as possible and then rinse the coat with water. Then comb your dog with a special comb to remove the fleas. After that, the animal is dried off.

Perform this procedure on each bath to remove all fleas.


Use a fine-toothed comb to remove the fleas from the dog’s fur. You can also eliminate the small larvae. The best way to start by the neck and comb the dog conscientiously to the tail tip.


Dog fleas hate the smell of lemon, so it is an excellent home remedy to get rid of these vermin. Just bring one liter of water to a boil and add a sliced ​​lemon.

Then remove the water from the heat and let it soak overnight. The next day you remove the lemon and put the liquid in a spray bottle. Spray on the fur of your dog. Beware that none of this remedy gets into the eyes or the mouth of your four-legged friend!

Watch your fur nose, because sometimes this home remedy can cause skin irritation. Then, of course, you should not do any more applications with it.

If your dog tolerates this home remedy well, you can spray it twice a week. The rest of the mix can be used to clean the floor.


This medicinal plant is characterized by antiparasitic properties. Therefore, it is perfect for getting rid of dog fleas.

You can place this plant on the balcony, in the garden or at the entrance of your house to keep fleas away from your house.

Another option is to distribute dry vermouth in small scented bags in the house, especially where your dog is most at home.

cedar shavings

Dog fleas hate the smell of cedarwood. You can, therefore, use cedar chips to keep them away. Put the chips in small bags and distribute them throughout the house, especially in strategic locations where your dog likes to stay.

These home remedies are very effective against dog fleas, try them for yourself. They are easy to use and at the same time environmentally friendly.

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