Bathing a cat – this is how it works!

Before the first bath, you should slowly get the cat used to the water. Set up a small tub of water to play with and experiment with.

A domestic cat does not need to be bathed often because it dedicates itself to hygiene a few hours a day. We hear again and again that cats are water-shy and hate the bath. But is that really the case? Do you have to bathe a cat? These questions we pursue in our today’s article.

This daily beauty ritual is usually sufficient to keep the cat clean. Only cats that roam on the street or in the meadow often need a bath with soap and water.

Bathing a cat can cause great stress. But different tips can help to spare the cat a traumatic experience. Over time, the animal will get used to it.

A young cat bathing

If the cat is not yet eight weeks old, she can not yet take a full bath. An alternative is to clean them with a damp cloth.

After that, you can educate them to get used to the bath, then it will be much easier to bathe the cat in the future.

Before the first bath you should slowly get the cat used to water. Set up a small tub of water to play with and experiment with.

Bathing a cat is much easier if the animal is gradually prepared for it!

Specific products

Bath your cat with special cat shampoo. You should not use products for humans or dogs, as these could irritate the skin of the cat or even lead to poisoning.

Cut claws

You should also regularly cut your cat’s claws to protect you from scratches. Cut the claws the day before, because if you bathe your cat at the same time, it could become too nervous. The bathroom alone is stressful enough.

The claws are for the defense of the cat, so you should be careful not to hurt them! You can give her a kitten biscuit to make it easier for you to cut the claws.

Brushing fur

You should not forget to brush the fur of the cat regularly so that no knots are formed. Otherwise, the problem gets worse when you bathe the cat. It could even be painful for the animal.

If the cat likes brushing her coat, you can soothe her, but if she does not like it, you should not bathe her immediately afterward.

If your cat is nervous, you can also try to calm her down with music.

Non-slip bath mat

If the cat tries to get out of the tub – which is very likely – it will slip. That could make her even more nervous. A non-slip bath mat can be very helpful to prevent this.

The cat is bathing

Once you’re ready and ready for the cat bath, you can start:

  • Put the cat in the chosen tub or bowl. If the pet becomes nervous or is afraid of the water, you should first get used to the dry tub.
  • Then you can slowly pour lukewarm water into the tub and onto the cat’s body. Do not use a hose, the cat could scare!
  • A toy can help to distract and calm the cat.
  • Do not use too much soap. If the cat does not like the water, use as little as possible.
  • The face does not have to be soaped! Under no circumstances should soap get in your eyes to prevent irritation.
  • Do not keep the cat’s face directly under the water. This could cause the animal to panic.
  • Then dry the cat with a soft towel and comb the coat.
  • After this great effort, the cat has earned a reward! Stroke her, give her a cat cookie or a toy!

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