How can you help your dog’s skin refatting?

It is really important that dogs keep their coat in perfect condition. It is not just about the look: the coat also protects it from the sun. If you lose too much coat you may suffer from skin problems and allergies.

The skin refatting of your dog is fundamental to keep his coat in shape.

The sebum his body produces independently is very important. This applies to his skin as well as his health. That’s why we’d like to give you some advice today to help your dog’s skin refatting.

What is the purpose of your dog’s skin refatting?

A balanced skin rehydration shows us that the animal is eating healthily and nothing is missing from his health. We especially see that in the fur of our four-pet favorite.

It shines and is dense, so we would like to stroke the fur nose all day long.

If your dog’s skin moisturizing works well, then he feels good in his skin and likes to move. Even wounds can sometimes heal faster.

If we bathe our dog constantly, however, then the natural Haut Rückfettung can be disturbed. Also too much sun can lead to dry dog ​​skin.

In addition, dry dog ​​skin can be a symptom of a nutritional problem or a symptom of a skin disease your pet is suffering from. Dermatitis does not kill dogs, but it is very uncomfortable for them.

The most common sign of this is that your dog’s coat fails on various parts of the body and wheals are occurring everywhere. The skin may also appear reddish.

In order to avoid skin diseases, the skin resurfacing of the dog must always work well. If you think that your fur nose is suffering from a skin problem, then you should bring it to the vet before you do any self-help with home remedies.

You should do this to avoid allergies or side effects. The veterinarian will also decide if your dog needs a special medication.

Home remedy to aid your dog’s skin refatting

There are many home remedies to aid your dog’s necessary skin refatting. Some can even be completely free because they are freely available in nature.

The sun

Sunlight is one of the simplest forms to heal the skin of our dog. While exposed to the sun’s rays, his body generates vitamin D and natural oils that make his coat shine.

This oil is very healthy for him. He also licks it himself, so you do not have to be afraid.

Just remember that too much sunlight can be very harmful. The situation could get worse instead of improving.


It may sound a bit strange, but when we stroke our pet, we stimulate the production of natural oils on its skin.

These oils are very healthy for the skin refatting of your dog. In addition, your dog will be overjoyed if you pet it several times a day.

It also helps him if you brush him at least once a week. This will also stimulate your dog’s natural skin rehydration and remove dead skin.

Almond and olive oil

These products are very healthy. You can assist the skin refatting of your dog.

Just put a little bit of it on the fur and wait until it touches his skin. You can also brush it, then the oil gets to the skin faster.

There are also a number of medical shampoos that can be used in severe cases. If home remedies are not enough then one of these products may help.

The majority of them are prescribed by the veterinarian. You should definitely consult him for skin problems. If you notice unwanted side effects, you must stop treatment immediately.

Now you know. It is actually quite easy to support the skin refatting of your dog. Take care of his coat and brush it every now and then.

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