How many hours does my dog ​​have to sleep?

The answer is: very much! Then find out more about this topic.

Dogs need a lot of sleep to rest and to be healthy. Depending on their age, they can rest for up to 20 hours throughout the day. In today’s article, we will address this question: how long should my dog ​​sleep?

One thing is certain: dogs sleep a lot. In fact, sometimes we think that they only eat and sleep. How many hours does your dog have to sleep? Is he sleeping longer or shorter than usual? Let’s see…

How long should my dog ​​sleep?

There are several factors that influence this. One is the dog’s age and another is his health. We’ll take a closer look:

The age of the dog

As with us humans, the age also affects the sleep of the dog. A puppy needs more sleep than an adult dog.

How long does my puppy have to sleep?

Puppies like babies spend their lives sleeping and eating. They do not do much more. They use about 90% of the day to recover!

But the animal does not get its sleep in one piece, but spreads its rest periods throughout the day and all night. You can play in between with your little friend and go for a walk.

How long does my adult dog have to sleep?

As the animal grows, sleep hours decrease. Nevertheless, a dog still sleeps around 50 to 65% of the day. He loosely restores 15 to 16 hours of sleep to recharge his energy.

He is then rested and fit for the evening walk!

Large breeds sleep up to 18 hours daily, because their energy consumption is greater.

How long does my senior dog have to sleep?

In the elderly, the need for sleep of a dog increases. As in childhood, he needs longer breaks, because he is no longer physically fit.

He may suffer illnesses and have pains that disturb his sleep. This can also have an adverse effect on the health of the animal.

If your pet sleeps too little and suffers from stress and nervousness, you should go to the vet. Maybe this prescribes sleep aid to your animal companion.

The health of the dog

A sick dog may need more sleep or have sleep problems.

For example, an animal with depression may sleep much more hours than necessary, while an animal with pain may not rest enough. Both cases are dangerous to the dog’s physical and mental health, so veterinary assistance is required.

do not forget

Remember that every animal and every breed is different. The mentioned sleep times are only approximate and of course there are exceptions.

Let your dog sleep if he wants. However, if it is of worrying proportions, you should take him to the vet. Try not to interrupt the sleep cycle of your favorite animal. After all, you do not even like being disturbed in the middle of sleep.

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