How to bathe your dog without drama

Although there are many dogs that like water, most of them run as soon as they see shampoo and towel.

To bathe your dog without drama, you have to make sure that he feels well, especially when he gets nervous. It is necessary to calm him down and have patience to counteract the dog’s anxiety.

Although there are many dogs that like water, dogs usually walk away as soon as they see the shampoo and towel. So, if you’re wondering how to bathe your dog without drama, we’ll give you some simple tips.

How do you bathe your dog without getting nervous?

If your dog is afraid of water, you must take precautions to avoid trauma. Here are some tips:

Trick him out

Maybe that sounds strange. What we mean by that is that you should not show him directly that you will bathe him. If he always runs away because he smells like bath time, change your tactics.

Do not go to the bathroom and prepare everything, unless you do it when he is not there or he does not see you. Do it as if it were a normal day, sit on the couch and wait until he comes to you to pet him.

After caressing, it is time to bathe your dog. Of course you have to close the door so he will not escape.

Calm him

Now it’s time to put him under the shower or in the bathtub. That’s when dogs usually get nervous. Talk to him gently while you petting him.

Open the faucet a bit and pour water over your hand as you calm it down to assure it is all right.

Guide your wet hand over his head to see how he reacts. If you see that he is still very excited, give him time. So you can bathe your dog without drama.

Do not make sudden movements and do not force him to take a bath. You can certainly bring him to bath with a dose of love and patience.


If you turn on the hair dryer, your dog wants to hide and become nervous. Do not aim directly at him with the hair dryer, leave it on and give your dog time to sniff and familiarize himself with it.

Turn it on and pretend to blow your hair or aim it at the towel you used to dry it off.

Set the hair dryer weak and then walk towards it step by step. Better with warm air as the heat given off by the device calms and creates confidence.

How to bathe a dog without drama

There are many people who do not know where to start if they want to bathe the dog without drama. We know that maybe you do not, but we want to remind you what to look for.

  • Water temperature. Make sure that the water is not too cold or too hot. It must have a pleasant temperature, so that the animal feels well.
  • Begin wetting on the spine. Do not put water on the face as the animal would otherwise run away. Start with the legs or back, which are less sensitive areas. Gradually, you can then bathe the neck and head.
  • Then do the same with the soap. Begin with your legs and back until you gradually get to the head.
  • Remember to clean the area behind the ears well and be careful with his eyes. Thoroughly clean the intimate area.
  • Do not pour water into your ears. Make sure that no water gets in the ears, because this could cause infections and form a perfect environment for parasites or bacteria.

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