Infectious tumors in dogs: is this possible?

Also known as sticker sarcoma, this is a disease that is passed from dog to dog. This can be done by sniffing, licking or intercourse.

There are actually contagious tumors in dogs. This is mainly a unique cancer known in English as transmissible venereal tumor (TVT) and known in German as sticker sarcoma.

Sticker sarcoma is a cancer of the external genitalia in dogs and it is contagious.

What are infectious tumors in dogs?

Infectious tumors in dogs, in other words sticker sarcoma, are among the oldest cancers. This tumor is only transmitted among dogs.

There are other species, such as the Syrian hamster or mussels, which also develop contagious cancers.

The infection of the organism of the animal can be very strong. In these cases, the disease has developed so far that it can survive outside the affected body.

How can a dog get infected with these malignant tumors?

In dogs, the sticker sarcoma is often transmitted during sexual intercourse, or when one animal sniffs or licks the affected mucous membranes of the other.

Therefore, these infectious tumors usually affect the reproductive organs of the animals, but can also occur in other places, such as the nose.

However, infectious tumors in dogs are interesting in the sense that they behave completely differently than the majority of the tumors that affect us living things.

These types of tumors have developed and found out how they can migrate from one organism to another. So they find new tissues that allow them to continue to multiply.

Because of this peculiarity, dogs get infected when they come in contact with the cancer cells of another dog. So it does not need a virus or any other form of infection.

So it happens that the cancer cells can move from one animal to the next and survive much longer.

The first patient

Various studies have shown that these types of tumors have a different DNA than that of the carrier.

The majority of tumors form when the cells of the affected organism begin to mutate uncontrollably.

Because of this process, the cancer cells then have the same DNA as the carrier. However, this does not happen with the sticker sarcoma in dogs.

The scientists assume that this type of tumor originated about 11,000 years ago. Since then, the cancer has developed and adapted, which is why they are considered very aggressive.

However, it responds very well to treatment, which is why timely therapy rarely leads to metastases in the animal. It can happen, however. Sticker sarcoma is often more responsive to treatment than other cancers.

Contagious tumors in dogs: Can one avoid the infection?

Dog owners can take measures to reduce the risk of infection. This includes sterilization. The ideal age for this is 12 months, or in dogs of large breeds 18 months.

The sterilization is therefore advisable because the infection often happens during sexual intercourse.

Likewise, one should keep the animals in a controlled environment and have the animal examined regularly by the veterinarian.

This is especially true when the dog owner detects changes. It is not always easy to detect the symptoms of an internal tumor in animals.

In sticker sarcoma, dogs often develop a red, bleeding spot. It should also be remembered that adequate hygiene, both in the environment and in the animal itself, is of great importance to the health of the animal.

Closing remarks

So there are really infectious tumors in dogs. It is a type of cancer that is usually transmitted during the mating process.

However, a lesser risk of infection also threatens by licking or sniffing the affected body part.

It is recommended that the animals be sterilized and kept in a controlled environment to avoid such health problems.

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