Know what is the right cat for me

When purchasing a cat, there are a number of expenses that must be taken into account to ensure that you can take care of your pet correctly throughout its life.

To guess what kind of cat you should have, the first thing to consider is that it is an animal of a solitary and nocturnal nature that evolved between the desert and the savanna. This assumes that the characteristics of cats are different from those of dogs and, of course, ours.

For us, the importance when deciding to own a cat is not only in the benefits that your company brings, but also in that you must first know the needs of a cat with respect to those of other animals. perfect or make a right choice can be a challenge, and always goes through knowing how to take care of it. Here we indicate the things to consider as an aid to choose a cat: age, behavior, sex, race and your lifestyle.

Cat’s age

When we decide that the cat is the ideal pet for us, the first thing we should consider is whether we want a kitten or an adult, even a senior. Because of its importance, you should not choose specimens with less than 8-10 weeks, unless, of course, it is an orphan kitten. Here are the keys to know if a kitten or an adult cat suits you.

  • Little cat. The advantages of choosing a young kitten are to see him grow, teach him according to your tastes and games of the cat, which can be really fun to watch.According to the studies carried out, there are few cat behaviors that develop during pregnancy directly influenced by the mother’s behavior Therefore, whenever possible it is very appropriate to know in what conditions she has lived during that phase. Even so, this is not decisive as long as the period from birth to 6 months of age is the one that will mainly mark the kitten for the future. It is in the first part of this period of his life when the socialization (between the second and the seventh week of life), key when the kitten is more or less sociable, that is, that it naturally accepts the presence of other animals and human beings, as well as the rest of stimuli that come from abroad. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the kitten has not been separated from his mother and siblings during that time. On the other hand, if you have adopted an orphan baby kitten and need to know how to care for it, we recommend our article “How to raise a kitten without a mother.” The veterinary care of the kitten should also be taken into account, since it will need vaccines, identification, sterilization , deworming, etc.
  • Adult An adult cat has its character more made than a kitten, which influences when treating it. As a general rule, both the adult and the senior cat usually come home by adopting them in an animal protection association, it is appropriate to be advised by those responsible for the character of the cat chosen.As in the case of kittens, it should be take into account the cat’s veterinary care, from sterilization (if not yet sterilized) to vaccination, to deworming and identification. This visit to the veterinarian is very important because it is not strange that an elderly cat has a special need, so it must be taken into account.

Keep in mind that the adoption of an adult cat offers a second chance to those who were abandoned by their owners and the protective associations have many cats for adoption looking for a new home.

Cat behavior

To understand the cat as a species, it is essential to know its behavior, which has nothing to do with that of the dog or with the medieval legends that have reached our days or with widespread topics due to lack of information

  • Treacherous? Almost no one believes that crossing a black cat will ruin your life because of the bad luck that this entails, but you still have to fight against the belief that it is a treacherous and despotic animal; two attributes of human character, not of the animal. The cat tends to be reserved with people it does not know, but owning a cat brings a surprising dimension about how affectionate, friendly, intelligent, sensitive and playful it can be. Are you looking for a faithful cat? All are if they are treated with respect.
  • Hygienic habits of the cat. His way of cleaning and keeping his environment clean also make him a very particular animal and a perfect pet for life on a floor, since it does not give off body odor and learns very easily to use hygienic sand (this is already done around 21 days old).
  • Education Every living being is likely to be influenced by the environment in which he lives throughout his life, so the character of a cat can change due to the treatment he receives, both for good and for bad, regardless of the age have. The cat is easy to train if the right method is used, which can never be based on punishment, but on reward.
  • Hair color. For genetic reasons white cats, purebred or common, are at greater risk of deafness than cats of another color, so if your favorite cat color is white, keep in mind that it may be deaf.

Apart from this peculiarity and that the cats that combine the colors red and black, as well as the tricolors, are almost entirely female, the color of the mantle would not be more important, but there are studies that find a certain relationship between the color of the Cat hair and behavior.

Cat sex

The behavior of a male cat is different from that of a female only from the moment they reach sexual maturity, so choosing a cat of a specific sex would only matter if we do not intend to sterilize it. Of course, in case you like cats with black and red or tricolor hair, you should know that it will almost certainly be a female.

How males behave. Males have a greater tendency to wander around the neighborhood if they have access to the outside, which can pose a risk to their physical integrity, both for vehicles and if they find other males willing to defend their territory with violence. In addition, males can and usually mark the territory, that is, also our house (which produces a very intense smell).

How females behave. Although it is not an exact science, females tend to be less sociable than males because they retain the atavistic urge to remain isolated, especially when they have litters. After millennia of domestication, this is barely appreciated in females, but what they retain is that they will have periodic jealousy (learn more about the “Cat’s heat” here), sometimes accompanied by very loud meows, from the moment they reach sexual maturity

Sterilization The opinion that a cat must reproduce in order to be “realized” or so that his health is not diminished is completely wrong. Not only does the cat not have a scale of values ​​like the human one, but it has been shown that its health is impaired in the long term when it is not surgically sterilized. Today the surgical sterilization of both sexes is a veterinary practice with very well proven benefits, among which is the inhibition of both jealousy in females and the impulse of marking in males, so that the sex of the specimen can pass to the background at the time of the decision. The benefits of surgical sterilization not only affect the cat’s behavior, but also its health, as it increases its life expectancy by decreasing the risk of certain diseases. The only thing that should be taken into account after surgical sterilization is that nutritional needs change and a food adapted to these new requirements should be given.

Cat breed

Of all the aspects that influence when choosing a cat is if you want a purebred or crossed cat. Although the common European cat is still the one with the greatest presence as a pet, there are a good number of feline breeds that can complicate the choice.

Developed later than those of the dog, cat breeds today have many fans, who will find in them specimens with certain physical characteristics (the color of the hair and eyes or the complexion of the body or the shape of the ears) , as well as, to some extent, their behavior, hence the importance of counseling before choosing a breed cat.

Cat breed choice…

  • Physical characteristics. The most striking is the mantle, so you can find long-haired cats, short-haired cats, cats with short straight hair, cats with short curly hair, etc. The cat breed with the longest hair is the Persian, but at the slightest carelessness it ends up knotted. This is very important because if you don’t have time to brush it daily, it is better to choose another breed. What do you like the flat face of the Persian cat? Then choose an Exotic cat, which has the same complexion but short hair. Some breeds of cats have only one type of color, or a specific pattern, for example the striped drawings. This would be the case of the Bengali breed, which has a variety that reminds a lot of leopard drawing. Other races stand out for not having hair, such as Sphynx, but during very cold winters they need to be in places with a high temperature at all times . Instead, it is a cat that does not release hair, which makes it a hypoallergenic cat if the owner is allergic to the cat’s hair. Eye, because if the owner is allergic to saliva, he will also be sensitive to this breed.
  • Temperament. The character of the races can vary greatly from one to another, so it is important to know what the type behavior of the breed you like. Are you looking for an active cat? Then choose a Siamese or an Oriental because compared to the Persian or the Ragdoll they are two energetic races. In addition, if you are looking for a cat that does not meow, you should also keep in mind that the Siamese and Oriental are two very “talkative” breeds. Even so, we remind you that the meow is intrinsic to the cat, which everyone will meow to some extent.
  • Health condition. All cats can get sick throughout their lives, but if we want to make sure that the one we choose is healthy at that time, we must pay attention to the signs of illness. Of course, it is totally legitimate that this does not worry us, but being aware that we assume greater responsibilities. The most important signs of illness are:
  • If you show diarrhea or mucus in the nose and eyes, peeling skin and dull hair, without luster. Also the ideal weight of the cat (especially if it is not very thin if it is a very young kitten) is a sign of good health.
  • If there is limp or difficulty in the movement. If it is a kitten, it can be indicative of its future character that it has a playful or calm behavior; In the latter case, it should not be confused with apathy.
  • Special needs. In addition to requiring specific care for your hair type or other physical features, some races may have their own nutritional needs. Therefore, it is worth knowing if the best breed of cat for you has a food adapted to their special needs.

Our life style

If one of your concerns is “which is the best cat for my lifestyle”, we agree with you. It is not the same to be a great traveler and travel the world on the slightest occasion than to live in a sedentary way and spend most of our free time at home.

Since cats can be home alone even for long periods of time if someone supervises them so they don’t lack water or food, anyone who is attracted to them can be a good cat owner. However, it greatly appreciates the presence of its owner, so the cat is perfect for very homemade people or for some reason they are forced to remain in the home almost constantly.

The compatibility between human and cat also depends on the type of housing we have and, with it, if the cat has access to the outside or not.

  • Indoor cat. This is the name of the cat that has no access to the outside in its daily life, including terraces. This makes “territory” limited and requires enrichment to reduce lack of exercise. There is no better indoor cat itself, but calm cats will always adapt better than nervous cats.
  • Outdoor cat. Those who are lucky enough to own a house with a garden should keep in mind that the cat retains intact the impulse to explore its surroundings, which will often lead you to cross the boundaries of the property. This can generate neighborhood conflicts and pose risks to their physical integrity, including fighting with other cats. Keep this in mind when choosing because this means that there is no better outdoor cat.

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