The perfect home for your budgies

Keeping a pet is a long term commitment to the optimal care of the animal. For this, one has to gather information about all aspects that can directly or indirectly affect the new family member.

Many people keep budgerigars as pets because they do not seem to need as much care as a dog, for example. You should set up the home for your budgies carefully.

Budgerigars are a charming species of bird. Their colors are beautiful, they are intelligent and in some cases very tame. Not for nothing they are among the most popular pets.

Therefore, as a keeper of budgerigars you should be well informed about the ideal home for your budgerigars, because only then can the birds be healthy and happy.

Tips for the perfect home for your budgies

Keeping a pet is a long term commitment to the optimal care of the animal. For this, one has to gather information about all aspects that can directly or indirectly affect the new family member.

Many people choose budgerigars as pets because they believe they do not need as much care as a dog, for example. And it is also true … ..

Budgerigars, however, are very sensitive and although they are quite easy to keep, they should not be treated with less care. Aspects such as the environment in general, ambient temperature, humidity and food should always be considered.


Ambient temperature

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind budgies is the ambient temperature. The main reason for this is that budgerigars are very sensitive to temperature.

In this sense, one should know that budgerigars cope better with cool temperatures than with heat. The reason is that they can not perspire, making it more difficult to regulate body temperature.

Budgies can only lower their body temperature by quickly opening and closing their beaks.

The ideal temperature for budgies is between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius. It is very important that they always have shade, especially at high summer temperatures.

If there is air conditioning, the air must not reach it directly, as this could be fatal. A moderate temperature and the attitude in the shade are the most important aspects to consider.


Another important aspect for a comfortable and healthy home for your budgies is low humidity. The ideal home for your budgies should therefore have a moderate temperature and low humidity.

Food and water

A good diet leads to good health of your budgies. The diet must of course be balanced and can be natural or a feed mix from the retail sector.

Feed mixtures for budgerigars can be bought in supermarkets and in the zoo trade. The menu mainly consists of diet mixes, hemp, millet, oats and other seeds.

So you can create the perfect home for your budgies

Caring for budgerigars is relatively easy. Often, however, certain aspects, such as the change of seasons, can affect the health of the animals. The ambient temperature is one of the most important aspects that unfortunately can only be moderately controlled.

If the summer temperatures are very high, spray the cage with a nebulizing syringe. This allows the birds to cool down a bit. Another tip is a bathtub filled with less than two centimeters of warm water, where you can swim and play.

If the humidity is very high, you should place a dehumidifier in the room containing your budgies. It should not be forgotten that budgerigars have very sensitive airways.

More tips for taking care of your budgies

In addition, you should place the cage at eye level. As a result, he is neither too high nor too low. He can stand on a sturdy piece of furniture or be hung firmly on the wall.

The cage should never be placed over or on the washer or dryer as the small and sensitive birds are very susceptible to vibration.

You should also keep it away from the TV. Budgerigars namely suffer from the image and sound of the television. For a good development, they should be kept in a cool and bright place.

But undoubtedly, the most important thing is to take care of her with love. They are very sensitive animals that also respond very positively to affection.

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