The toxicity of ibuprofen in dogs

One serious mistake that is often made is the administration of medicines for people to dogs. In the following we will learn more about the toxicity of ibuprofen in dogs.

One serious mistake that is often made is the administration of medicines for people to dogs. This is often the case with antipyretic drugs and analgesics. Your body is different and without a doctor’s prescription they are very dangerous. Among them is mainly ibuprofen. In the following we will report more about the toxicity of ibuprofen in dogs.

Ibuprofen: Why is it a risk?

Painkillers are present in virtually every medicine chest. Their intake is widespread in humans and poses no major dangers. In dogs, however, they can be very dangerous and even lead to the death of the animal.

These products and their composition are intended for the human body. Even in low dose can cause problems for the dogs.

The toxicity of ibuprofen in dogs has been proven. Treating the pet with him is a serious mistake that can cause great inconvenience. It is also a very widespread mistake.

Either because they are on hand because they are cheaper than animal pain killers, or to save veterinary advice, their use in dogs is very widespread.

What should be known about the toxicity of ibuprofen in dogs?

Unfortunately, intoxication with this drug, along with acetaminophen and aspirin, is one of the most common intoxications. It is estimated that every third person gives these medicines to his pets.

The organism of the animal is very different from that of the human and also the effect that the drug has. There are certain enzymes in the body that attack the drugs. In animals, these enzymes are different, as is the way in which the pharmacological substances are degraded. This means that many of these substances are not broken down, remain in the body of the dog and thus lead to poisoning.

What happens then? The organism of the animal is not capable of receiving and processing this type of medicine. His body does not eliminate toxic substances. This explains the reason for the toxicity of ibuprofen in dogs.

What problems do they bring to the organism of the dog?

The toxicity of this composition inhibits the substances that protect the dog’s stomach walls. Also the blood circulation in the kidneys. Therefore, the main problems are with these two organs.

Anything that does not expel the dog’s body accumulates either in the liver or in the kidneys. Over time, bleeding, kidney failure and even the death of the pet can occur.

Is there a dose without risk?

Irrespective of the dose administered, the toxicity of ibuprofen in dogs is always present.

Ibuprofen has an insignificant safety margin in dogs. For example, half a tablet administered to a 50 kg dog is already a risk. It could result in poisoning. Gastric ulcers, kidney or heart problems can occur. There is also the danger of changes in the nervous system, such as seizures or coma.

The consequences also depend on the size of the animal and sometimes even a single intake is fatal to smaller dogs.

Some medications are allowed

Although some doctors prescribe paracetamol in a very low dose, you should always consult a veterinarian before. He can tell you exactly what medications are allowed for animals and which dose is right.

Symptoms of poisoning

If the pet has taken ibuprofen, the following symptoms indicate possible poisoning:

  • powerlessness
  • dizziness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • stomach cramps
  • diarrhea
  • black chair
  • kidney failure


  • Never give any pet for human use, even if it seems to be an insignificant dose.
  • Find a veterinarian for every illness. The expert will determine the appropriate drug for the animal, the appropriate dose and the time of administration. If it’s a trusted expert, even a simple phone call is enough.
  • If any of the symptoms occur, urge the veterinarian to take appropriate action.
  • Keep the medication out of reach of the dog.

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